Comparing EVA Air Premium Economy: Standard vs Upgrade Options

EVA Air, renowned for its high standards and innovative services, offers a variety of seating classes to cater to the diverse needs of modern travelers. Among these, the Premium Economy class has gained significant popularity …

EVA Air, renowned for its high standards and innovative services, offers a variety of seating classes to cater to the diverse needs of modern travelers. Among these, the Premium Economy class has gained significant popularity for providing enhanced comfort and services at a price range that bridges the gap between Economy and Business class. For passengers considering this class, understanding the distinct features and upgrades available is crucial. This article delves into the various aspects of EVA Air Premium Economy, comparing its standard offerings with upgraded options to help travelers make an informed choice.

What is EVA Air Premium Economy?

EVA Air’s Premium Economy class, often referred to as Elite Class, is crafted to provide passengers with a more comfortable and enjoyable travel experience compared to standard Economy. This class offers larger seats, more legroom, enhanced dining options, and additional amenities that cater to both leisure and business travelers. While it does not offer the full suite of luxuries found in Business class, it is an excellent middle ground for those seeking additional comfort without the steep price of Business class.

Standard vs. Upgrade Options in EVA Air Premium Economy

When booking a Premium Economy ticket with EVA Air, passengers often face a choice between standard and upgraded options. These upgrade options can include things like better seating, enhanced service, and additional amenities. Understanding these differences can greatly impact your travel experience.


The first aspect that most travelers consider is pricing. Standard Premium Economy pricing is typically more affordable and offers a substantial upgrade from standard Economy in terms of space and service. However, EVA Air also provides several upgrade options that come at a higher fare. These upgraded options can include priority boarding, additional baggage allowance, and access to premium lounges. For those who value the extra perks and are willing to pay a bit more, the upgrade can be worth the investment.


Seating is a critical factor when distinguishing between standard and upgraded Premium Economy options. In standard Premium Economy, seats are already more spacious and offer more legroom compared to Economy class. The seat pitch generally ranges from 38 to 40 inches. Upgraded options, however, may offer even more comfortable seating with enhanced recline angles, additional footrests, and higher quality cushioning. The upgraded seats may also be located in a more desirable section of the aircraft, offering quieter and more spacious environments.

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Service quality in EVA Air’s Premium Economy is already a step above what one would experience in Economy class. However, the upgraded options elevate this experience further. Standard Premium Economy passengers can expect faster check-in, exclusive menu options, and improved in-flight entertainment systems. Upgraded options could include priority boarding, increased personal attention from flight attendants, premium meal selections, and even complimentary beverages, including a wider selection of wines and spirits.

Standard vs. Upgrade Options: Comparison Table

To simplify the decision-making process, below is a comparison table detailing the differences between standard and upgraded Premium Economy options at EVA Air:

Feature Standard Premium Economy Upgraded Premium Economy
Pricing Moderate Higher
Seat Pitch 38-40 inches 40-42 inches
Seat Features Basic recline, legroom Enhanced recline, footrests, better cushioning
Boarding Standard Priority Boarding
Dining Improved menu Premium meal selections
Check-in Faster Priority Check-in
Baggage Allowance Standard Increased
In-flight Entertainment Enhanced Premium selection & devices

Summary of EVA Air Premium Economy Options

EVA Air’s Premium Economy class provides an excellent balance between the budget constraints of Economy and the luxurious offerings of Business class. With options to upgrade, passengers can tailor their flying experience to their specific needs and preferences. Whether you are a budget-conscious traveler looking for a bit of extra comfort or someone willing to splurge for added luxuries like priority boarding and premium meals, EVA Air’s Premium Economy has options that cater to a wide range of preferences. Knowing these differences can help you make an informed decision for your next trip, ensuring you get the best value and experience possible.


For more information about EVA Air Premium Economy, you can visit the official EVA Air website. Additionally, travel review sites and blogs provide firsthand accounts and detailed reviews from fellow passengers, giving you a well-rounded perspective on both standard and upgraded options in EVA Air’s Premium Economy class.

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What is EVA Air Premium Economy?

EVA Air Premium Economy, often referred to as “Elite Class,” is designed to bridge the gap between the comfort of Economy Class and the luxury of Business Class. EVA Air introduced this class to offer travelers enhanced comfort without the premium price tag associated with business travel. This class is ideal for both business and leisure travelers who seek more than the basic amenities of standard Economy but are not ready to commit to the higher costs of the Royal Laurel (Business) Class.

The seats in Premium Economy are significantly more spacious than those in Economy, providing extra legroom, wider armrests, and an increased seat recline. The configuration of seats usually offers more privacy and a quieter environment. High-quality materials are used for the seats, and they come equipped with adjustable headrests and footrests, ensuring a more comfortable journey especially on long-haul flights.

In terms of in-flight entertainment and amenities, Premium Economy passengers enjoy larger screens, a diverse selection of movies, music, and games, along with noise-canceling headphones. The meals are also a step up from those offered in standard Economy, with more variety and better presentation. Complimentary beverages, including wines and spirits, are offered throughout the flight.

Service in Premium Economy is more attentive, with cabin crew trained to provide a higher level of service. This includes faster check-in, priority boarding, and quicker baggage handling, enabling a more seamless travel experience. Lounges access and additional baggage allowance are often included, enhancing the overall travel experience from check-in to arrival.

Standard vs. Upgrade Options in EVA Air Premium Economy

EVA Air Premium Economy offers a two-tiered experience: Standard and Upgrade Options. Each option caters to different passenger needs and preferences, whether you value extra comfort, additional amenities, or a more luxurious experience.

Standard Premium Economy

  • Enhanced seating with more legroom, wider seats, and greater recline.
  • Robust in-flight entertainment system with a range of movies, TV shows, and music on a larger screen than standard Economy.
  • Upgraded economy meals with better presentation and a more varied menu.
  • Complimentary drinks, including a selection of wines and spirits.
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Upgrade Options

  • Seats with even more legroom and superior recline.
  • Additional perks such as in-seat power outlets and USB ports.
  • Larger personal space due to fewer seats in the cabin, providing a quieter and more private environment.
  • Gourmet meals curated by top chefs and more extensive beverage options including premium wines and spirits.
  • Special dietary menus available upon request.
  • Dedicated cabin crew members ensuring a more personalized experience.
  • Access to premium lounges at airports, priority boarding, and increased baggage allowance.

The pricing between the Standard and Upgrade Options varies, but for those who place a high value on comfort and luxury, the extra cost of the Upgrade Options can be well worth it. The decision ultimately depends on individual preferences and travel needs, but both options offer a significant improvement over standard Economy Class, ensuring passengers arrive at their destination more relaxed and refreshed.


1. Q: What are the differences between standard and upgrade options in EVA Air’s Premium Economy?
A: The upgrade options generally offer more legroom, enhanced meal selections, priority boarding, and additional amenities compared to the standard Premium Economy.

2. Q: Is the seating more comfortable in the upgraded Premium Economy option?
A: Yes, the upgraded Premium Economy seating typically features more recline, additional legroom, and better cushioning, providing a more comfortable experience.

3. Q: Are there any additional services offered with the upgraded Premium Economy option on EVA Air?
A: Yes, passengers with the upgraded option often receive priority check-in, priority boarding, and sometimes access to airport lounges.

4. Q: How does the meal service compare between standard and upgraded Premium Economy on EVA Air?
A: Upgraded Premium Economy usually offers a higher quality meal service with more diverse and gourmet food options compared to the standard offering.

5. Q: Is it worth paying extra for the upgrade option in EVA Air’s Premium Economy?
A: The value of paying extra depends on individual preferences, but many passengers find the additional comfort, amenities, and services offered in the upgraded option to be well worth the extra cost.

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